I am pro-bird.
Bred Press now has an embosser!
Drawing studies for a stone litho print I’m making. Published by @hoofprintchicago. I’m taking full advantage of tusche and litho crayon for this. 6 colors.

I’m pleased to announce the release of the first Bred Box!
Bred Box #1 is a printed suite of work by comics artists invited and published by Bred Press. Bred Box comes in an edition of 150, each packaged in a screenprinted envelope (cover illustration above) and numbered individually!
The inaugural release of Bred Box will have Abe Lampert, Alabaster, Andy Burkholder, Ben Marcus, Danielle Chenette, Inés Estrada, Michael Olivo, Natali Koromoto, and Nicole Ginelli with all new offset lithograph prints.
The official release party will be Saturday, July 19th at Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago (1821 W Hubbard Street Suite 302). If you can’t make it out, you can purchase Bred Box #1 at the Bred Press online store after the opening, or individual prints through each of the artists listed above. All proceeds from individual sales benefit the artists fully. All sales of the Bred Box directly help Bred Press publish more work!
Thanks so much. I love you.
Brad Rohloff // Bred Press


I realized I never made a post about this! Here’s Booker, the official Bred Press mascot and logo! He’s a cutie. He loves you.

Here she is, the Toko 4750. I’ll be printing everything Bred Press on this once fall rolls around. Until them I’m printing on an A.B. Dick offset press that is not mine, so I can’t stand on it.

I still don’t have a name for it though.

Happy Father’s Day

Comic by Brad Rohloff
24 pages. 3 color offset. 5.5” x 7.5”
Now Available in the Bred Press Online Store!
» Bred Press is here!


Hi everyone! My name is Brad Rohloff, and I’m starting a publishing house here in Chicago called Bred Press!

Bred Press is an artist books, comics, and zine publishing house. I look to provide a platform by which to support domestic and international contemporary artists working within the medium of printed and published matter. I am interested primarily in comics work but will also be publishing photo books, prints, foldouts, and artist made non-traditional book formats. We have a store! It’s not much, but give it a month or two.

I am working publishing on an A.B. Dick 360 but by the fall will be printing full time on my own Toko 4750, as well as printing on a Saturn 3040 Autopress. This gives me full access to both offset lithography and high volume screenprinting capabilities. I like printing presses.

This summer I will be publishing several comics and print suites, which I am very excited about! Some of the artists on my Summer Roster include:

Abe Lampert

Andy Burkholder

Ben Marcus

Brad Rohloff

Danielle Chenette

Jamie Davida Lee

Nicole Ginelli

+ more TBA!

So, welcome. Like our Facebook page, join the mailing list, follow Bred Press, check out our online store, and look forward, with me, to the future! The terrifying, uncertain, bottomless void of the future.


Brad Rohloff, 2014

» The Bringer of Everything S/T


I am very excited to release The Bringer of Everything’s first full-length album.

Presented by Music For Downers and Breathing Problem Productions.

All music written, performed and recorded by Alec Eberhardt and Brad Rohloff, January-June MMXIV.

Vocals on “Don’t Look at Me” by Dakota Parobek.

Photography by Ashlee Prewitt.

Thank you to Rusty Kelley, Nick Zanca, Jesse Johanning, and everyone else who encouraged, supported, and inspired this album.

The Bringer of Everything is Alec Eberhardt and Brad Rohloff.

I worked on a drone/noise album with the homie Alec